Alnut’s new single-material pouch can be fully recycled

Alnut promotes an innovative, 100% recyclable pouch

Valencia, June 11 2020

Alnut, a company that specialises in creating baby food products and family nutrition which belongs to the Grupo Alimentario Citrus (GAC), reinforces its commitment to packaging innovation and sustainability by promoting a new flexible, 100% recyclable pouch.

This single-material pouch can be fully recycled. Its design draws from the circular economy model, as both the pouch material as well as the straw and cap can be reused in manufacturing other packages or products. The new pouch represents a more sustainable alternative to the current format for the company’s fruit smoothies and dairy products.

Including this package as a more sustainable option in Alnut’s offering is part of the company’s CleveR7 programme, its commitment to the circular economy and to reducing packages and packaging. The company is seeking more environmentally-respectful alternatives, while ensuring that it makes use of recycled materials or that its materials are reused.

Collaborative innovation with Gualapack Spa and CNTA

The adaptation and industrialisation of this new pouch format in Alnut’s facilities has been possible thanks to the collaboration between Gualapack Spa, the leading global company in flexible packaging technology, and Alnut’s interdisciplinary innovation team. The project, started in 2018, has been validated in recent months by the National Food Technology and Safety Centre (CNTA), for different product lines, such as fruit smoothies, dairy products and porridges.

The results estimate that the products reach a useful life of 12 months, in perfect conditions for consumption, while also ensuring that they comply with the highest food safety and quality standards, the principal hallmarks of Alnut.

The company is finalising the details of this innovation and is moving forward to the industrial scale. This fully recyclable pouch is expected to be launched on the market in the last quarter of 2020.

Commitment to sustainability and the environment

As a responsible and innovative company, Alnut is committed to introducing sustainability and eco-design criteria in packaging, using the least amount of weight possible, and working to offer customers and consumers more sustainable and environmentally-respectful alternatives. The company is now going one step further in the field of the circular economy with the inclusion of this 100% recyclable pouch to its products.

With this innovation, Alnut highlights the company’s overall commitment to developing balanced, nutritional, high-quality foods, thus promoting sustainability and reducing the environmental footprint of its products.