About us

Grupo Alimentario Citrus (GAC) is a Valencian business group operating in three key areas in the food sector: fresh cut products, with its brands Verdifresh and Mesturados Canarios, family food and nutrition products, with the brands Alnut and Byba and, lastly, agricultural products, through its subsidiary ESPACE and its stake in Agromediterr√°nea.

The Group currently has 6 production plants, 10 farms covering 1,800 hectares and its own 10-hectare seedbed (HOLD Baby Plant). The various units of Grupo Alimentario Citrus employ over 1,250 workers and in 2015 produced a total turnover of nearly 170 million euros.

Our principles

The innovation ingredient is the key cornerstone of our success. We constantly strive to offer solutions adapted to the tastes and needs of current consumers. We seek to make life easier for those who wish to follow a healthy diet and have little time to cook.